Get unique insights in real time about your customers and locations, in an easy to read format.

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Have more control over visitor management, and crowd populations and much more.

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Create the right attractions and offerings for the right consumers and drive more revenue back into your locations or businesses

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Helping You Understand More About Your Consumers and Locations.

See in real time what’s going on in your location or business, via a simple to understand personal dashboard filled with unique insights like:

  • Location and Traffic Flow
  • Demographics and Consumer Insights
  • Smart Objectives
  • Interventions and Influences

Make Your Locations More Interactive

Through our mobile app you can not only promote the right attractions, businesses, offers and much more to your consumers, but with our AR explore feature you can also educate, gamify and interact with them to really bring your locations alive.

  • Promote - Live in-map rewards mean you can reach customers as they walk past your location
  • Interact - Bring locations alive through the power of visual and immersive technology Augmented Reality.
  • Drive More Traffic - Deliver live promotions and updates direct to your consumers
  • Drive More Traffic - Deliver live promotions and updates direct to your consumers

Everything You Need
to Build Powerful Analytic Apps


Understand Your Consumer

More than ever before with our wide range of insights, from spending habits to personal preferences.


Enhanced Visitor Management

Manage overcrowding and understand the visitor journey in more detail, through location data and real time promotions.


Drive More Traffic

With in-map rewards and live updates, you can drive more traffic to the right places at the right time.


Optimise Your Locations

Know what customers want in your locations, so you can create the right events, products and attractions to match.


Know What Works

See what Influences and Interventions actually work and what drives more traffic.


Interact More With Visitors

Build your own “Play Stacks” using Augmented Reality to educate and gamify your locations and really bring them alive.

Ready to see how Mozee can transform your business or location?